Monday, July 30, 2012

B.A.M. Cares Changing Lives and Improving Communities

Have you ever had the desire to give back to your community in a meaningful way? Many people would certainly say yes, but for most, that want doesn't necessarily translate into taking action. Perhaps because of time and money constraints, taking the steps to reach out to those in need within your community seems almost impossible. However, it's important we remember that most often, teamwork is the best approach when it comes to lending a helping hand.
That's why our organization has created the BAM Cares Progam. It allows you an opportunity to connect us with the underpriveleged and elderly within our community. Those that are in need of assistance in creating or maintaining a safe and functional living environment. Whether it be through tending to maintenance projects, completing renovations to solve safety concerns, or making homes more easily accessible, Baylor is here to lend a helping hand.
Together, we can make a positive difference for those in need. If you know of someone who you think might benefit from our assistance, all it takes is a simple nomination. Please visit our website for more details, and nominate someone today.

Don't Let Hurricane Season Leave You Washed Up

When people think of hurricane preparedness, images of flashlights, canned goods, first-aid kits, batteries, and water-filled bathtubs frequently come to mind. However, when a storm hits, just how much real protection and peace of mind can these things offer you?
In the event of a serious hurricane, it takes more than plywood and tape to protect your home. Plywood is rarely nailed correctly, and tape only keeps glass from flying (it won't block wind pressure that can blow off a roof should windows actually break. Therefore, completing big projects such as having hurricane shutters installed, keeping your roof in quality condition, and getting a hurricane strength garage door make a remarkable difference when it comes to shielding your home from damage. Sometimes the most vulnerable, older homes also require regular maintenance to ensure structural soundness of their roof foundation, and walls.
While the thought of creating a comprehensive storm plan along with maintaining a protected home may seem like daunting tasks, the reality of not being prepared is much worse.
If you're interested in any of the projects or renovations mentioned in this article, the Baylor Team would be delighted to assist you. We are confident that we can make the process of getting your home up to top safety standards in a cost effective and professional manner as painless as possible. Contact our office, at any time, at 713-522-7071. We are also on the web at!